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Customer Service Representative-Call Center Leader


  • Receiving customer telephone counseling, information enquiry.
  • Master the basic business processes and responsibilities of the company.
  • To answer questions, server for customers and to respond promptly with the results and comments
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction and cohesion, guarantee the achievement of the company's objectives and requirements.
  • Leading CSR Call Center Team



  • Full-time undergraduate education bachelor.
  • Standard Mandarin fluently, can master the basic conversation and communication skills.
  • Call center customer service job experience is preferred.
  • Good communication, language skills, and logical thinking ability
  • Work seriously, initiative, enthusiasm, strong execution; excellent sense of teamwork and ability.
  • Skilled use of word, excel and other office software, strong independent study, statistical analysis and research skills
  • Having leadership capability, and lead a team independently. Strong Logic thinking & judgment ability.



  • 受理客户电话咨询、信息查询.
  • 熟练掌握公司的基本业务流程及职责;
  • 进行客户问题的解答与处理,并及时回复处理结果及意见;
  • 维护客户满意度和凝聚力,保证达到公司的目标要求。
  • 带领CSR Call Center 团队。



  • 全日制统招大学本科以上学历 ;
  • 国语标准流利, 能熟练掌握基本话务礼仪,沟通技巧
  • 有呼叫中心、客服中心客服岗位工作经验者优先,
  • 善于沟通,语言表达能力出色, 逻辑思维能力强;
  • 工作认真、主动、热情,执行力强;优秀的团队合作意识和能力,能积极完成上级分配的工作任务;
  • 熟练使用word, excel等办公软件,有较强的独立学习研究能力和统计分析能力。
  • 有一定的领导能力,能独立带领一个团队。逻辑思维能力和判断力强。


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