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Training Specialist



  • As Functional Specialist in Training & Development:  
  • - Training Implementation: Perform general administrative duties, including preparation of pre-course and classroom materials and presentations, liaising with venues regarding accommodation requirements, catering, teaching supplies, invoicing etc, liaising with technical support / facilities (both internal and external) to obtain equipment as needed, ensuring that course materials are reproduced and delivered to the venue prior to the start of courses

    - Training Follow-Up: follow-up all current training programs and sessions, e.g. Global English On-line Study, R&D annual vendor-delivered technical training, xDS Series, EEO, PMT, etc.. Track progress, report status, make records, maintain documentation, and make communications with internal training counterparts & external vendors

    - Training Effectiveness: Maintain training attendance and evaluation records in a timely manner

    - Support the Annual Training Plan and training related global project

    - Training Communication: Communicate and market training programs to ensure there is high awareness and commitment to investment

    - Keep training related forms and web pages updated, including, but not limit to, Global Learning Center (GLC), nishweb2/, all forms in training share folder

    - Co-Monitor: NISH Training mailbox  

    - Monthly Training Report: update the content during the last week of each month

    - All other duties related to training, as assigned 

  • As Functional Specialist in Employee Communication:
  • - Establish positive employee relations through supporting on Internal Communication Programs

    - Support CSR activates implementation on promotion, designing and cascading with marketing sense (current programs: E-Waste Recycle, FTC Volunteer Activity, Hiking Activity, etc..More programs will be designed by needs).

    - Support HR team on employer branding communications

    - Take ownership of Dept. Bookcase Program (部门小书柜): collect book purchasing needs, promote new books, share reading feedbacks, etc..


Qualification & Requirements: 

  • Detail and service driven 
  • Strong Communicator, fluent in both written and spoken English 
  • Proficiency in MS office software
  • Highly organized individual, who prefers to take the initiative rather than wait around for things to happen. 
  • Enthusiastically and effectively
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Team player
  • Project Management skills