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Signal Processing Software Engineer (信号处理软件工程师)


· Developing and implementing software in high-performance math, signal processing, biomedical, control & simulation, vibration analysis, and electrical power areas

· Assisting NI users in applying LabVIEW analysis software to their applications

· Working with the Marketing and Sales departments to promote LabVIEW analysis-related products



· Excellent software programming skills

· Graduates in EE, CS, Mechanical Engineering, Math, Automation, Instrumentation, Physics or related majors

· Good team work and understanding of communication

· Proficiency in both written and spoken English


Good understanding and academic preparation in at least one of the following areas:

· Numeric mathematics - Real analysis, optimization, linear algebra, and matrix computation

· General signal processing - Digital filter design, adaptive filters, time frequency analysis, wavelet analysis, spectral analysis, and array signal processing

· Biomedical signal processing - ECG/EMG/EEG acquisition, analysis, visualization, medical image processing and visualization

· Control - PID, classic control theory, modern control theory, and system identification

· Electric power systems and automation, high voltage and insulation technology, electric machines and electric apparatus, power electronics and power drives