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· 以专业、礼貌地态度接听来电;接待来访

· 日常事务:如收发邮件、传真、信件;办公室维护;更新通讯录等

· 负责公司办公用品管理(采购、发放等)

· 协助组织公司活动和会议;差旅协助,如酒店、票务预订等

· 客户培训协调

· 协助销售人员管理各类文档,并收集、整理、保存

· 完成主管交办的其他事项



· 大专或以上学历(英语四级或以上);2-3年或以上外企工作经验

· 具备良好的英语听、说、读写能力;熟练运用相关电脑软件 (word, excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

· 良好人际关系及沟通及技巧

· 能在要求同时完成多任务时具有良好的协调能力

· 能在压力下工作,积极主动,工作认真负责有条理, 具有团队合作精神;灵活,能解决问题


Admin Receptionist


Job Description:

· Handling telephone calls in a professional and pleasant manner;responsible for reception of visitors and guests

· Responsible for daily operational issues, e.g. mails, fax, letters in and out, office maintenance, phone list updates etc

· Responsible for office daily supplies and prepare the purchasing order accordingly

· Coordinates company activities and conference; arrangement for business trips, e.g. hotel reservation and tickets booking

· Coordinates customer education

· Support sales management all kinds of documents collection, arrangement, storage

· Perform other tasks as assigned by Manager


Job Requirement:

· College degree or above (CET4 or above);More than 2-3 years related working experience

· Fluent in both spoken and written English; Proficiency in MS Office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc

· Good interpersonal and communication skill

· Good coordination capability

· Able to work under pressure, motivated and hard working, well organized, team work, flexible, problem solver